Environmentally attentive processes and care to the well-being of future generations.

We only use hides derived from meat production waste and we handle them to create a product that lasts and improves over time.

We are gold rated members of LWG, an international organization that collaborates with non-governmental organizations such as WWF, RSPCA, NWF and Greenpeace and assesses environmental compliance and company performance by promoting ethical and environmentally friendly business models.

We are committed to a sustainable future.

The past and the future of our company hinge on environmental, social and economic sustainability. We are aware that today's actions will shape everyone's tomorrow.

We daily reduce energy and water consumption.

Efficient technologies make a real difference in the day to day business. Thanks to our innovative machinery we keep lowering water and energy consumption. We also strive to switch the chemicals used in our process into more ecological, natural and water based alternatives.